Monday, December 20, 2010

'Tis the Season...

Wherever you are, I hope that this holiday season is and continues to be a joyous time.  It's magical for me, for the most part :^), and usually the only drawback is the lack of time to do everything I'd like!  Though finally, I managed to decorate the house, inside and out, and thought that the blog may need a touch of the holidays.

Although I haven't had much time for miniatures, I couldn't resist the glitter house kit from Carol's Etsy shop, true2scale.  It arrived lightning fast and was the mini-fix I needed, not to mention being the beautiful centerpiece for this holiday buffet.  You may recognize some of the food from my Flickr gallery...they're orphans from my Etsy shop and are now part of my personal collection.  A few pieces are new that I've managed to squeeze in between the holiday chaos.  And the soapstone and wood turnings, including the rosewood table, are the gorgeous work of Thomas Saunders.

A warm "Thank You" to everyone who stopped by to visit and decided to follow this blog.  Hope you enjoy this feast!  Click on photos to enlarge.  Please excuse the photography, obviously not my forte.  I already have a task for the New a new camera!!