Friday, April 15, 2011


I've been told that my blog is a bit dusty.  Nice way of saying I should post something ;)  Here's a few of the latest requests...

Thank you, Lesley Shepherd, for your gathering basket tutorial.  Instead of using wire for stakes, I tried #00 round reed (approximately 1mm dia.) which worked out well.  Polymer clay roses were shaded with soft pastels...stems are reinforced with florist's wire.  The lemons were requested with the...

Easter peeps cake!  From the cover of Phyllis Hoffman's Celebrate magazine.  Whipped cream frosting dusted with lemon cake crumbs.  The stand was not available anywhere so I made it, along with the knife napkins and tray.  Cake server by Don Henry.

Sunflowers take forever to least these look somewhat improved over the first attempt a year ago.  Like the roses, these are made of polymer clay with wire-reinforced stems and shaded with soft pastels.

I'll be back before the dust settles again, LOL!