Thursday, July 23, 2015

Nature's Candy

Tieton and Ranier cherries - real and polymer clay in 1/12 scaleTurned miniature bowl by Jacob Wenzel.

The heat and humidity has been almost intolerable lately; it's predicted to get worse as we progress into late summer/early autumn.  Hardly conducive to sitting indoors, hunched over my work table making fiddly fruit.  However, it must get done; no rest for the heat exhausted ;^)

The cherries are part of a larger body of 1/12 scale work that I've been invited to exhibit in Honolulu in late 2016.  Working on the room boxes won't be easy as I'm very much still the novice in the building department.  But it's exciting to be challenged by new endeavors and I am looking forward to the upcoming construction.

Wishing all the best of the season - thanks for reading!