Saturday, September 13, 2014

.com fun in a small world

Welcome, new readers!  Thank you for joining us.

I've had some down time lately.  Temporarily banned from my work table and bored to death, I decided to update Bliss Miniatures's online presence.  It began pleasantly enough and without issue.  Flickr, Etsy, Blogger, hey, no big deal.  Little changes here and there and ta daaa, sites were refreshed.  Then, there was my website...

Unless one is a programmer or coder, of which I am neither, building a website is a pain in the a$$ for a do-it yourself-er.  Domain hosts, web hosts, DNS, email, carts, gateways, yikes.  The first time around, I managed to secure services and create the site after some sleepless nights.  Unfortunately, the few available templates were too conservative and it wasn't technically possible, for me anyway, to fashion any of them into what I had envisioned.  Conundrum!  PIA!!  I had too much on my plate at the time and foolishly let the trial period with my host lapse.  Making changes at that point would not have been feasible.  My inner perfectionist never ceased to be annoyed.  I got lazy and didn't fully utilize the site; it was virtually ignored for three long years.

New and improved :^)
Original website

This time, more knowledgeable of everything except, of course, coding (still no time to learn!), my hunt for appealing templates led me to Weebly.  It was to be the best choice for me, albeit with a few minor drawbacks.  So what, no web host offers everything for a reasonable cost.  There was a learning curve, but freedom to design and tweak to my heart's content!  Bells and whistles :^)  Coding optional :^)  I really enjoyed the opportunity to turn an almost blank slate into my site.  If I can do it, anyone can.

The shop shelves are pretty bare at the moment but I will commence stocking up in the near future.  Please visit at your convenience...

Speaking of the Internet, our world has become a smaller place because of it.  A year ago, I requested help in this post with identifying the artist who turned the beautiful bowl, left photo (initials LM etched on the underside).  I now know that LM is Lars Mikkelsen, proprietor of Built In Wood at Etsy!   He builds fine, collectible miniature furniture, primarily in the craftsman style.  His exotic wood turnings are thin-walled and beautifully detailed.  I stumbled on his store completely by chance when I spied a listing for a bowl similar to mine.  We were in contact and voilà, mystery solved!  It was amazing to learn of the background of my bowl, made about 15 years ago, from the turner himself.

Thanks for reading...wishing all a happy new season, fall or spring, wherever you may be!