Friday, January 28, 2011

Keeping Calm and Carrying On

I've been away too long, my apologies to all!  Time's been flying too quickly...

Several different projects have been on my worktable, some with components that I'm creating for the first time.  My holiday, helter skelter frame of mind and short attention span had been blocking progress.  One afternoon, my husband witnessed me struggling in frustration and out of nowhere blurted out, "Keep calm and carry on!"  For a split second we looked at each other then burst out laughing;  it was so comically off-the-wall!  I needed that :)

Though I work at a turtle's pace, some things are moving along towards completion.

This low table is made of bass wood with five coats of golden oak stain.  The finish isn't done yet.  Remember my post of last November 30?  That project has evolved into a washitsu (Japanese-style room with tatami floors) which includes this table.

Project supplies!  I purchased the beautiful silk fabric for zabuton (Japanese seat cushions) from kimonocards at Etsy.  The ornamental tatami is from Ebay.  Its weave is too wide for 1/12 scale so I've removed the fabric border and will re-weave the rush grass using notched cardboard for the warp string.

A lovely customer with the patience of a saint is waiting for this macaron tower.  Each macaron is handmade; I've discovered that I'm terrible at casting molds.  It'll be completed very soon, then be on its way home.

Wishing you a good weekend...