Thursday, October 20, 2011

More cupcakes & who's slacking at the bakery?

The izakaya chefs are still busy rolling sushi.  Nothing new happening there...yet.

Meanwhile at Bliss Bakery, the bakers have finished more cupcakes, lemon ones this time.  Hey, where's Alison?  Wherever she is, she'd better get off her behind and move the baked goods to the pastry cases and bread shelves cause they're piling up :)

Goofy, yes, but it's what was going through my head when setting up for this photo shoot :)

I'd also like to extend a warm welcome to the new readers of this blog and thank all for joining me on my ongoing journey as a polymer clay foodie :)))


Fellow artist and friend Tom Saunders has opened an Etsy store!  Do visit him at Etsy; you won't be disappointed :))))

Friday, October 7, 2011

Tebineri and Izakaya Tableware

A couple of months ago, I first learned of Tebineri "pottery" clay from Cindy Teh's blog (see her elegant sashimi platter at  Thanks, Cindy :)  Had to find it and order it pronto!  I was anxious to receive it, though when it finally arrived in the mail, there was no time to play :(

Fast forward to a week ago...a sushi platter request gave me the perfect excuse to check out this fab material.  Very addicting stuff!  Just like the cupcakes of my previous post, I couldn't stop at the end of the project; had to do more.  Ideas of what to make snowballed out of control, lol.  I had talked myself into making not only izakaya (Japanese pub) tableware and food, but a table and chairs as well o_O  The tableware is done, the food is in production, but the table and chairs may be out of my league...

More to follow soon :)

Glam izakaya tableware. Not an oxymoron; modern izakayas have evolved into chic establishments.  Far left, freeform ikebana vessel; at center, asymmetrical, wonky plate "glazed" in the raku style.
The unvarnished teacup exterior shows off the beautiful texture of cured Tebineri.  Love this clay!