Friday, October 7, 2011

Tebineri and Izakaya Tableware

A couple of months ago, I first learned of Tebineri "pottery" clay from Cindy Teh's blog (see her elegant sashimi platter at  Thanks, Cindy :)  Had to find it and order it pronto!  I was anxious to receive it, though when it finally arrived in the mail, there was no time to play :(

Fast forward to a week ago...a sushi platter request gave me the perfect excuse to check out this fab material.  Very addicting stuff!  Just like the cupcakes of my previous post, I couldn't stop at the end of the project; had to do more.  Ideas of what to make snowballed out of control, lol.  I had talked myself into making not only izakaya (Japanese pub) tableware and food, but a table and chairs as well o_O  The tableware is done, the food is in production, but the table and chairs may be out of my league...

More to follow soon :)

Glam izakaya tableware. Not an oxymoron; modern izakayas have evolved into chic establishments.  Far left, freeform ikebana vessel; at center, asymmetrical, wonky plate "glazed" in the raku style.
The unvarnished teacup exterior shows off the beautiful texture of cured Tebineri.  Love this clay!


  1. Beautiful pottery. I love this style.

  2. Thanks, Drora :) I love this style, too.

  3. I like this! It looks really good.

  4. that is nice!! i love to try the clay as well! post more about the comment of this clay

  5. oops! I haven't replied your email yet! will get to the correspondences this weekend (weekdays are for WORKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK)

    love them love them! thanks for the mention although it was really not necessary :) still very nice of you though *HUGGLES*~

    i will get round to posting more about tebineri after i clear out all the UFOs on my table....:( LOL


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