Wednesday, February 4, 2015

French Bread

I've been baking bread...

Woven tray by Al Chandronnait.  Mesquite bowl by Brian Hart.  Silverware chest by Deb Laue.
Shopping basket by Lidi Stroud.  Ceramic pot by Braxton Payne.  Blown glass vase by Kiva Ford.
Bread, rectangular basket and wood board by me.  I also stained the tray and chest a darker brown.

...and totally enjoying it!  Very addictive.  The few loaves I made in the past didn't leave an impression on me so I'm glad to have given it another go.  I was interested in authentic French bread and did a little research prior to the sculpts. Interesting trivia - the business of baking bread in France has been regulated by the government for more than 200 years, not a trivial matter :^)

Bon Appétit!