Wednesday, February 4, 2015

French Bread

I've been baking bread...

Woven tray by Al Chandronnait.  Mesquite bowl by Brian Hart.  Silverware chest by Deb Laue.
Shopping basket by Lidi Stroud.  Ceramic pot by Braxton Payne.  Blown glass vase by Kiva Ford.
Bread, rectangular basket and wood board by me.  I also stained the tray and chest a darker brown.

...and totally enjoying it!  Very addictive.  The few loaves I made in the past didn't leave an impression on me so I'm glad to have given it another go.  I was interested in authentic French bread and did a little research prior to the sculpts. Interesting trivia - the business of baking bread in France has been regulated by the government for more than 200 years, not a trivial matter :^)

Bon Appétit!


  1. Hi Alison! It's great to see again new work from you :)! The miniature bread looks very lifelike, it even seems if I can smell the scent of fresh bakened bread and they also look delicious!! I love the French lily of flour on the round bread, it is wonderful to see.
    All of the miniatures on your picture are first class work of great miniaturists, personally I especially love the blown glass vase by Kiva Ford, it is absolutely beautiful.
    Warm hug, Ilona
    The picture on the header of your blog is very serene, so delicate and beautiful.

    1. Hi Ilona! Hope 2015 is going well for you :^)
      Thank you so much for your compliments! I wanted the bread to be perfect as it is a gift to another miniaturist who was very kind to me. I had so much fun with this project - unfortunately, not all mini food is a joy to make, haha.
      I would so like to construct mini buildings but don't have all the necessary skills and tools yet. So I did the next best thing - arrange the table as how it may look in my imaginary artisan food shop :^) Also fun to play and set up for the photo. It's a welcome break from sitting still at my worktable with magnifying headgear on - husband says I look like a mad scientist :^)
      Kiva Ford's vase is the only piece of his that I have collected and a favorite of mine. But his works are mostly out of price range :^( I had to stretchhhhh my wallet to get even that one! Deb Laue's silverware chest (from her shop, Dragonfly International) was a bare wood kit that I assembled and stained. It's actually facing backward in the photo because the front has a drawer and the plain backside looked best :^)
      I wanted the blog header to remind me of winter cause of the relentless high heat here in Hawaii - still 80F every day. Of course I am grateful that I don't have to shovel snow and scrape ice of my windshield but just longed for a touch of winter, I miss the change of seasons!
      Have been busy lately and absent from the internet again. I have to catch up with blogs and Facebook, wish there was more time to do all I wished to. See you on your blog xxx Alison

  2. La investigación del pan francés te ha dado unos resultados geniales,muy realistas y apetecibles,buen trabajo!!!!

    1. Thank you, Pilar! I really enjoyed this project, even the researching was fun and interesting.

  3. Hi.
    Your breads look delicious,yummy ...
    Very nice work .

  4. Wow. The bread looks so real and tasty!! good work


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