Thursday, July 7, 2011

New on the www!

Finally, a new post *sheepish grin*  First of all, I'd like to send a warm welcome to all new followers and many thanks to everyone still interested in this often dusty blog!  Hoping that you're in good spirits and enjoying the summer, or winter, as it may be.

So far in my summer, family, friends, homecomings and gatherings have been a fun combination in a whirlwind of activity.  Through it all, I've been sometimes glued to my laptop to take care of a few things like...a blog refresh at the beginning of June and the construction of my new website!  At the start, I was so out of my element, but after some marathon days and nights and bleary eyes, it's finally done.  Now all that's left is stocking the shelves with minis...easier said than done!  Do stop by when you get the chance,  :)

I was on a roll making religieuses for an order...guess what's first available in the shop?

Hope to be back soon...have a great day!


  1. Your mini-religieuses are ours so good! Fantastic!!!!!!!!!! I really like it!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!~~~!!!! i LOVE those religieuses!!! that piping is amazing *jaw drops*

  3. They are really cream puffs? My my, yours look just like real. Cindy is spot on (of course she would be) about the incredible piping work.

    I have always love your assemble. You make me want t ask where and what and who made everything. Nothing is out of place :). Watch out for an email from me soon.

  4. Thanks Kathy, you always make me smile :) Hugs and aloha from Honolulu!

    Cindy!!...You humble me, oh Piping Master!!!!!
    <3 :)

    Hey, Susan :))) They're double deckers piped Ladurée style. Haha, the arrangements reflect the teensy bit of perfectionist that exists in the anything-but-perfect me!

    The only things made by me on this table are the religieuses, fluted pastry foils and PC plates...I cut mini napkins from 1:1 paper one. Commercial glassware, dessert forks by Chrysnbon and silver cake server by Don Henry. The end table was part of a lot purchased on Ebay. Has 2 working drawers on each side!

  5. A beautiful and elegant table. Very good job

  6. in Italy it's time for a snack, and see your sweet, makes me hungry! ha ha!
    in my blog I am organizing an international swap. do you want to join? Come and see ...
    kisses, Caterina

  7. Ana, I love your compliment, thank you, it means a lot to me! Hugs from Hawaii :)

    Hi Caterina, I wish to be able to send you a dessert with a snap of my fingers! I will visit your blog to see about the swap :)

  8. Ciao Alison,sono una nuova seguitrice del tuo blog, mi chiamo MelyG, e ci tenevo a farti i miei complimenti per queste piccole e dolcissime meraviglie,solo a guardarle viene voglia di mangiarle!!
    Un Abbraccio


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