Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bumps in the mini road...

There are several projects in different stages of completion scattered in my work area and I'm technically stuck in all of them.  So instead of continuing to bang my head against the wall, I moved on to stuff that I could work on while sorting out the obstacles.

The peony/maple leaf ikebana floral arrangement and wagashi (Japanese confections) assortment are for the tatami room.  Thomas Saunders turned the beautiful Italian soapstone hollow vessel and maple platter.  I made the rest :)


  1. What a gorgeous floral arrangement and amazing wagashi assortment!
    They are so real and wonderful!
    Peiwen xxx

  2. Las peonias son preciosas, me encanta el arreglo floral.Besos.

  3. Everything looks stunning!

  4. WOW, THANKS, PEIWEN, MALU, PATTY AND KATHY!! :)))) It's been fun to see my mom's reactions to components for this project cause she doesn't realize that it's for her!!

  5. Precioso todo, las flores y la comida!!!

  6. woah. the whole layout is stunning, i must applaud and point out especially the 'chrysanthemum' wagashi.....WOAHHHHHH (i love ichigo flavoured anything so all the ichigo wagashi i'd prob order if i had such a snack break :D )


  7. Thanks, Cindy ♥ The "chrysanthemum" is my mom's fav. I'm with you on strawberry-flavored anything, especially ice cream *gaining weight just thinking about it* XD

  8. *returns to admire your wagashi*


  9. What have you been up to lately, Ali-san?:)

    I missed this post and boy , it was made on 25/5?

    Your wagashi is indeed as beautiful as everyone says. There must be an art to wagashi arrangement , like the ikebana. Your flowers are so pretty!

    I found this image of a really pretty teahouse at Will make a great mini project although it may have been done to death :).


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