Friday, December 19, 2014

Cherished Memories

When my children were young, they were so anxious and willing to help with holiday preparations.  Maybe it was a last effort on their part to ensure they were on Santa's good list!  We parents were usually busy with endless tasks so any help was welcomed from anybody.  Thus, it was usually the duty for the youngest at the time to prepare Santa's cookies and milk until, of course, they no longer believed that Santa broke into our house (no chimney!) to leave gifts.  Being typical youngsters, they were easily distracted...

Maurice Sendak's "Nutshell Library" and house of cards by Grace Griffin/TreeFeathers Miniatures.
Glass vase by Kiva Ford.   Basket by Al Chandronnait; I stained it a darker brown.
Cookies, milk and painted Christmas tree plate by me.

I remember being slightly annoyed as their "help" actually meant more cleanup to be done.  But annoyances were short-lived as the spirit of the holiday season kept everything merry.  And the kids themselves were truly magical - full of innocence, hope and good intentions.  I miss those days.  The kids are grown now and no longer that magical, haha.  But I am looking forward to when we can celebrate with magical grandchildren :^D


p.s.  To all who read my last post, I have redeemed myself and am officially "off" of Santa's naughty list - no lump of coal in my stocking, woot!


  1. Feliz navidad para ti y para toda la gente que quieres,espero que el nuevo año venga cargado de felicidad!!!!!!

  2. Sending lots of hugs for Christmas!

  3. What an atmospheric and beautiful Christmas scene, Alison, I love the dinner plate with the Christmas tree decoration. Regarding your memories of your children in their childhood: I often think the same of my kids, who are adults now. But they will visit us with Christmas and it will be so warm and cosy again, as always :D!
    Phew, I am so relieved that you are officially "off" of Santa's naughty list (wiping off the sweat of my head ;^D) and that you won't find a lump of coal in your stocking, hahaha :D LOL!!
    Dear Alison, I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and my very best wishes for a healthy 2015!!
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Hi Ilona! Hope you are rested and recovered and ready for Christmas. Isn't it wonderful when everyone gathers for the holidays? I think it's why this is my favorite time of year :^)
      I'm glad that you like the tree plate, my first painting of anything. I thoroughly enjoyed doing it...always a pleasure to discover a new interest!
      Getting coal for Christmas is the ultimate diss from Santa, what a shame that would be :^D I love that you see the humor in my scenario! Seriously, it was most important to fulfill my obligations. I would definitely deserve the naughty list otherwise.
      Wishing you and yours wonderfully magical days!!! Have fun xxxx

  4. Happy new year!! (That little card house is sooo cute =) )


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